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Crossfit Battleready mural




CFBR Mural Pt.1


In 2012 I was commissioned to create my first large scale mural at Crossfit Battleready in Greeley, CO. Measuring in at over 12' tall and 20' wide, the mural was a large undertaking but something I had always dreamt of creating. The mural was designed by hand then projected onto the wall where I then used a combination of spraypaint and acrylic paint-pens to create the finished product.  


CFBR Mural Pt.2


Returning in 2017, after a few more murals under my belt and after a few more expansions to the space at Crossfit Battleready, I was asked to add on to my original mural. The second part was a puzzle to figure out because I wanted to keep as much as possible of the original mural but also create more artwork on top and around the past design. Completed in only 5 days, I added to the original by making look as if the new mural had been painted on top of the old and then it had been torn away to reveal the original.